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Below are pictures from the 2003 BugTour.

Click on the thumbnails to bring a bigger picture.  You can download those pictures in the normal way but if you would like one or two higher resolution pictures email me and request them.



Sir_Roach, man-mountain of Montana

A bugs off guarantee?

Sir_Roach and d8's mate, Tom, enjoy a convivial Trouslayer and a game of chess in the Bayern Brewery

A delightful staff member, Leisha, at the Bayern Brewery

A closer look at the distinctive Bayern product.  Cool, full bodied and well rounded.  With your glasses filled you have a whole different outlook.

d8 and his mate Motorhead.

Moving on from Missoula ...

I am not now entirely sure why I took this pic but it looks nice anyway.

A storm in the distance

Once again the haze is caused by the omnipresent smoke

Lewis and Clark were a celebrated pair of explorers in the days before the Bayern Brewery was an attraction..

Father Piere Jean De Smet

Scenery on the way to Yellowstone.

Same place but looking the other way.

The Bozeman Trail

Raynold's Pass

That motor bike gets around.  Brenn1 thinks it is like the peripatetic garden gnome

Earthquake Lake

Beaver Ponds

Yellowstone, home of Jogi Bear

A boiling pool around a steam vent in Norris Geyser Basin, Yellowstone.

The Norris Area

A doe in Yellowstone

More uncooked venison

Bison abound in places within Yellowstone

In for a paddle.

More of thesame

The come close to the cars.

A view down the flat Hayden Valley in which they were.

Hayden Valley



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